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MIDNIGHT SUN, ARCTIC MOON is a book with a secret and a treasure. It's true!

When I wrote the book, I purposely embedded clues and information that begged a particular question. The secret special question is not one that requires an understanding of geology or any particular subject. All you need to find the secret question hidden within the book is a careful reading of the text and an eye for detail. 

I will never reveal the answer to the secret question, but the first person who asks me will get a special treasure.

Since the book was originally titled CRADLE OF THE NORTH, I bought a tiny birch bark baby basket (doll-sized) about five inches tall from a skilled Eskimo craftswoman in Fairbanks, just for this purpose. The first person who asks me the secret question gets this lovely little work of art.

The fruit is shown for scale.
Excellent birch bark, moose leather, and bead craftsmanship.

You can ask me as many questions as you like. There is no limit. Just post them to me at: marydalbanese@aol.com and I will answer your questions as best I can and let you know if you've hit the jackpot and come up with the special secret question.  

When the first person asks me the secret question, I will announce it in my blog, and mail them the little birch bark cradle.

Happy reading!