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The numbers are alarming. One in every two adult males in the western world will get cancer sometime during his life. For women, the figure is one out of every three. This means it is quite likely you or someone you care about will have to fight this disease.
A healthy diet and lifestyle is not enough. When cancer strikes a strong and vigorous individual, it transmits faster through their robust system than it does with through an older person with a sluggish metabolism.
Medical treatment may not be enough. Every year 7.6 million people die from this disease despite receiving modern medical treatments. That is more than die in car accidents annually, and the number is rising. Current medicine practices (chemotherapy and radiation) can help but may not be enough.
There is something you CAN do. In addition to following your doctor's advice, below is a list of home remedies that have helped others. Some people will charge you for this kind of information but here it is for free. Share it as you see fit.  This is not just about eating healthy but eating smart -- smart food choices and home treatments that others have used and have reported success. There are no guarantees with this disease but as with all battles, it seems to me that it should be fought on ALL fronts in order to maximize the chances for success.

While taking a trip north of Fairbanks, Alaska on my book tour, I came accross a wise old sage who told me of a folk cure for cancer. According to him, this particular treatment had phenomenal success of a young girl with inoperatble lymph node cancer. The doctors were stunned. I have had enough bouts of cancer in my family and have also seen turnaround the doctors can't explain. The treatments make sense, don't cost a mint, and are mostly available over the counter. Also, they can be done in conjunciton with most medical treatment regimes. Who knows? This simple bit of folk wisdom from the far north, where people learn to be self-sufficient, just might help you or someone you care about.

Sometimes the old ways are worth remembering.

1. Any doctor will tell you that cancer can't live in an oxygen-rich environment. Here is a way to oxygenate your system. Buy some 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide and a dropper. In 8 ounces of water (bottled water or juice, not chlorinated tap water), add 5 drops of the hydrogen peroxide and drink this twice a day on an empty stomach. Each day add another drop until you work up to 25 drops of the hydrogen peroxide in the 8 ounces of water. Then slowly reduce the number of drops down to 15. Continue to drink 15 drops of the hydrogen peroxide in 8 ounces of water morning and night, always on an empty stomach.
I have just come across a rash of books online for $20 that promise to deliver the secret cure for cancer. This hydrogen peroxide trick is basically the hot tip that many of those books are charging you to find out.  The thing about hydrogen peroxide is that it is has the chemical formula H202. In other words, it is very similar to water chemically but with an extra oxygen molecule. When it breaks down into water, this gives off the extra oxygen molecule, which makes sense that it is a way to get extra oxygen into your system, not just into your blood but on a cellular level where you need it to fight cancer. 

2. We also know that cancer can't live in an alkaline environemnt. To put the body in an alkaline environment, you can put a little bit of baking soda in a tall glass of water and drink it twice a day. You can google Dr. Simoncini for suggested amounts and how long you should do this for.

3. You can also add a cup of the 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide to your bathwater and soak in it, to infuse your body with this from the outside. Perhaps this might be useful for skin cancers.

4. Avoid suger. Avoid cooking oil. You can cook your food in chicken broth, or use olive oil on low temperature heat. Eat a diet rich in fresh fruit and veg. Organic, if possible.

5. Mix cottage cheese with a spoon of flax seed oil (also called linseed oil). Eat some of this twice a day day. The mixing is important. You want it well mixed well to emulsify the oil. Combined with cottage cheese, it makes the flax seed oil water soluable so it gets into your cells properly. I have found that this is very filling as a breakfast or a lunch meal (or both). Cottage cheese alone doesn't fill me up like a proper meal, but something about mixing it with the flax seed oil makes it very filling. Since hearing about this, I have come accross a number of people who swear by this "miracle food" combination. Some people on the internet are charging money for their "secret report." Here is a good and FREE web site to learn more about this useful combination.
6. Drink Essiac Tea. You can find it in health food stores.
7. According to the sage, you might also want to try taking marine phytoplankton. It is apparently very good for you. However, he says it is hard to find (check on the internet) and can be fairly expensive. Actually, it sounds a lot like the bluegreen algae that I take and swear by. This stuff brought my brother back from the brink (colon cancer and hepatitus) when he had days to live. The doctors said they couldn't do anything else. I put him on this and two years later, he is still here. You can read more about it at this web site. To try a bottle, you can follow the "shop retail" link. http://maryalbanese.stemtechbiz.co.uk/MyStory.aspx